Appellate Victory for Doctors in Colorado

In a case of first impression under the 36-year old state Professional Review Act (the “Act”) governing physicians, Jones & Keller senior litigator Tom McMahon won a precedent-establishing victory in the Colorado appellate courts that will benefit doctors throughout Colorado.  The Act...

Healthcare Litigation

Medical Practice Litigation

While most Healthcare providers and practice groups would prefer to focus on providing care to patients, one reality of the Business of Healthcare is that business disputes often arise.   Like other businesses, a Healthcare practice may be exposed to many of the same day-to-day business disputes as any other business.  Additionally, the Business of Healthcare has its own unique issues, such as compliance with state and federal Healthcare regulations and peer review proceedings.

These can include:

Healthcare Business

Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare providers and business owners rely on a wide range of insurance products:  medical professional liability, physician regulatory liability, cyber liability, employee practice liability, directors and officers liability, fiduciary liability, commercial umbrella liability, workers compensation, plus business-owners and personal policies.

At Jones & Keller, our healthcare lawyers assist providers and practices groups with all aspects of their insurance relationships, including coverage disputes or claims.

Healthcare Employment


The business of healthcare is never more apparent than when a healthcare provider hires employees.   Hiring employees creates an entirely different set of issues for doctors, dentists and other practitioners.  In a healthcare practice, the recruitment, hiring, training, retention and termination of employees must be conducted in compliance with not only general business standards, but healthcare standards and regulations as well.  Healthcare employees often have access to controlled substances as well as a patient's personal and highly regulated medical records.

Doctors and DUIs: What to do if you’ve had one too many

Just like every other seg­ment of the pop­u­la­tion, Col­orado physi­cians are not immune from mak­ing the mis­take of drink­ing and dri­ving.  Unlike other seg­ments of the pop­u­la­tion, how­ever, a DUI or other alco­hol related offense can result in pro­fes­sional dis­ci­pline. So, what do...